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The Fishing Update


Staff member
This update brings exciting new ways to earn in-game money & $WRLD Tokens as well as a whole new system for fishing.

As you fish, you can now encounter custom fish which can reward you with Entropy & Fishing Levels, these new features are essential to gain more from fishing.

Access the Fishing Menu using the command "/fish menu"

To read about all of the features of this update, visit the Wiki page for Fishing

Every 2 Hours a message will appear in the chat letting everyone know a Fishing Tournament is about to start.
There are a few different types of competitive tournaments which will appear; Length, Most Caught & Luckiest Catch.

The Top 3 Players of the Fishing Tournament will receive a random prize each with varying rarity depending on your place.

Some prizes include, $WRLD Tokens, Entropy Boosters, Cash & more.

Every 180 fish you delivery you will unlock a new delivery which you can complete to earn $WRLD Tokens & Fishing resources.