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The Bosses Update


Staff member
You can now encounter 2 very powerful bosses within the Sewer Side Survival World. These bosses can drop the rarest of items by chance, they have vast loot tables.

Bosses can spawn randomly, anywhere, at any time throughout the entire Overworld.
When a boss spawns a message will appear in chat letting everyone know it's coordinates & which boss has been summoned.

All bosses have the possibility of dropping WRLD tokens.

The Plague Bloater

This formidable boss has 6 phases and many abilities such as spawning attack minions, ghasts & armored zombies.

Yijki, The World Destroyer

This Boss has 5 phases with special weapon requirements per phase and incredible abilities that create a difficult battle, even with an impressive set of armor and weapons.

More bosses will be added in the future & all loot tables will be optimized in the coming days.