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Allowed Mods

SolarCube • Allowed modifications.
Below is a list of the modifications which are allowed. The use of modifications that aren’t on this list may result in a high severity punishment. Modifications which do not give any advantage (such as visual modifications) are allowed. If a modification isn’t listed below, please ask staff before using it. Modifications which are identical (but have a different name) to the ones below are allowed.

5zig, LabyMod and Badlion Client: Optimizes FPS, makes smoother gameplay and may modify cosmetics appearance and ease control of many settings.
Forge Mod: An open-source modding API and loader which is designed to manage your modifications.

 • Damage Indicators: Displays player health along with gaining or loss of health.
ArmourHUD, Status EffectHUD and DirectionHUD: Displays armour durability, potion effects and an on-screen compass in the HUD.
AppleCore: Adds food saturation information to HUD.
CPS Mod: Shows your clicks per second.
Keystrokes Mod: Shows what key you’re currently pressing.

Visual Modifications:
 • Shaders, Motion Blur, Cape Mods, Better Animations and Texture Packs: Modifications that visually improve MineCraft are allowed, as long as they do not change the transparency of blocks (making non-transparent blocks transparent, this is deemed as X-Ray and is bannable).

Note: Possession of transparent texture packs such as X-ray texture pack will lead to a permanent ban from our network!

Chat Modifications:
 • ClearChat/FastChat Mod: Makes the chat background opacity transparent (Improves FPS).
ChatBubbles: Displays messages players send above their heads for ease of reading.
SafeChat: Bleeps out and deletes profanity in chat.
TabbyChat: Allows easier viewing of chat.
ChatLog: Logs all chat messages sent and received in a HTML document.

Sprinting Modifications:
 • ToggleSprint: Allows the toggle of sprinting by a set key.
ToggleSneak: Allows the toggle of sneaking by a set key.

Lighting & Physics:
 • Dynamic Lights: Adds output of light to items; such as: torches and glowstone when held.
Item Physic: Animation of falling items made more realistic.
Game Optimization:Optifine: A mod that optimizes minecraft's graphics most specifically makes minecraft smoother which helps in increasing FPS.
BetterFPS Mod: A mod that helps improving minecraft performance in terms of graphics.
Other Modifications:Replay Mod: Allows a player to record, replay or review their gameplay.