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Staff Applications Info / Requirements

Prerequisites for Applicants
The following items are the guidelines used to determine whether you will become a staff member or not.
These requirements are A MUST if you do not meet these requirements you risk an automatic denial of your application.

  • The required amount of time in-game is 24 hours total (this does not include AFK time - we can determine this)
  • You must have Discord and be active in the Discord server.
  • Applications require a minimum of 300 words (excluding the questions)
  • You must have a wide knowledge and completely understand our rules and punishment guidelines. Click Here

Note: Requirements may depend per applicant. This means that some of these requirements may not apply to you, if you can prove that you are sufficiently capable in other regions.

Application Information

  • If you were rejected read the rejection message fully as it will help you a lot.
  • A lot of information is what makes your application stand out however make sure you put the essential, after all, quality before quantity.
  • Be patient, We try to hire the best possible fit for our staff roles, if you do not have the patience then don't apply.
  • Be honest, trust is a requirement for the staff team as you will have access to higher information than the normal user.
  • Be confident, in order for you to be able to help others you need to believe and trust in your capabilities. if you have any concerns, contact a staff.
  • Be mature, we need mature members on our staff team and staff will be expected to act proper in chat with no immature joking around.

Note: If your application has been rejected, it will be moved to the Archive folder.